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Andrea made her name as ITN’s International Correspondent and newscaster.  She covered major world news stories from the invasion of Iraq to the Omagh bombing (for which she was nominated for a BAFTA). Andrea was one of the first journalists in  New York in the aftermath of 9/11 and reported from Mazar-i-Shariff in Afghanistan. There, she witnessed the fall of the Taliban and was subsequently injured by shrapnel in a suicide attack. She was in the first overseas media team admitted to Guantanamo Bay. Among her may assignments were Gaza, Sierra Leone, Mozambique and Moscow. Andrea was embedded with the British army in southern Iraq in March 2003 and subsequently reported and anchored from Baghdad. She championed the plight of children mutilated in the allied bombing and was instrumental in pressurizing the U.S military to evacuate a number of amputees for life saving treatment


As one of ITV’s main newscasters, Andrea presented ITV news bulletins from 1998 to 2006. She anchored open ended coverage on ITV1 as events unfolded during the London bombings. She has also anchored in the field from Washington, Baghdad and Kabul. She spent a year as the main anchor of Channel 5 News. Andrea was the first woman to present ITV’s flagship Sunday morning political programme ‘Sunday Edition’ interviewing world leaders and top politicians.


She moved to Bloomberg Television at the height of the financial crisis to present the flagship business news, politics and current affairs show “The Last Word with Andrea Catherwood” each weekday from London. She regularly interviewing European leaders and Finance Ministers and hosting the programme from various European capitals and Davos.


Before joining ITN Andrea was a correspondent and anchor for NBC Asia based in Hong Kong. She reported throughout South East Asia including Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Burma where she  interviewed Aung San Suu Kyi.  She made documentaries in Burma and Laos. She covered the 1997 Handover of Hong Kong.


At UTV in Belfast, Andrea was a reporter for news and consumer affairs. She began her career with BBC Northern Ireland at just 16 winning ‘Young Broadcaster of the Year’ in 1984. She had already interviewed Gerry Adams and Garret Fitzgerald before she went to University of Manchester where she gained and honours degree in law.


Andrea writes regularly travel articles for the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mail, she has also written for on for the Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Sunday Times and Independent as well as many magazines.


She is a juror for the Royal Television Society Awards and BAFTA television awards and a judge for the final of the Costa Book Awards.


Andrea is UK Ambassador of the Hope Foundation and Intergrated Education charity

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